14 Things I Know Are True

I like to make lists.

I battle self-condemnation and the feelings that I'm not good enough on a daily basis. Here is something I wrote...may it encourage you as it does me.

14 Things I Know Are True

1. God exists.

2. God loves the world, so

3. God loves me.

4. I cannot earn salvation, but

5. Jesus paid my ransom on the cross, so

6. I don't have to earn salvation.

7. I am saved {{no matter what my tormented heart may say}}.

8. God will never forsake me.

9. Even if I fall, God will not condemn me.

10. My feelings don't always tell the truth.

11. Nothing can separate me from God's Love.

12. If I run, God will pursue.

13. Self-condemnation is false.

14. God thinks I am enough. ♥ ♥

The End

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