Step II: You are never wrong.Mature

Given the growing number of options for women to take on (you know, to be equal to men) for the past two or three centuries and the number of divorce cases rising and to prevent the number of divorce cases from hitting the ceiling of the miserable lawyer's office who is working longer and longer hours until the day he or she dies, always remember this first rule: Your opinions are never wrong; you always have the final say in everything. Yes, even if you are wrong or your girlfriend happens to be right in some cases. 

You may even save the lawyer's life for your totally responsible actions in letting the lawyer spend his or her time in more important cases, like a homicide. (Remember that case where a woman got killed for being too disobedient to her boyfriend?) 

Following this next step to total control of your life and putting your helpless girlfriend in her rightful place (or dominating women back to the kitchen) you are now one step forward to being the worst boyfriend you have ever been, while still attracting a huge number of girls and women waiting to be treated badly regardless of age and intelligence level.

The End

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