Acknear-Und, City of KnightsMature

The two of them landed at the gates of Acknear-Und, greeted by the guards.

"Hail Lord Maximus, and hail umm...."

Xenias extended his hand from beneath the sleeve of his cloak towards the guard. The guard returned the handshake in kind. "I'm Xenias, and I guess I'm the Knight of Faith."

"Oh another one, finally Maximus doesn't have to go it alone. Especially against Deorwine."


Maximus crossed his arms and smirked at Xenias. "You don't remember the Knight from earlier. Well, that was Deorwine and he's mighty convinced that I, the Knight of Justice, killed the king of Sardon."

"Well did you?"

"No, but his armor as thick as his head and he's not gonna listen, neither to me nor you."

The guard interrupted them. "In any case, you two, you should report to the king, he wants a report from you Maximus and from you Xenias, he wants to see you in person. He'll be as happy as I am to see another Elementatl Knight."

"And there's also that business with your robes."

"What's wrong with my clothes."

"Apart from the fact from the fact that any sword could cut through it in seconds? Well, they're all beige. The king and the smithy will craft you some armor and forge you another sword. The one you have is fine and you wield it well, but Deorwine and Sardon's forces will withstand more than that sword. So the Smith will craft another sword and some armor. We are up against a formidable foe."

"Yes, Lord Maximus."

The two of them strolled down the busy streets of Acknear-Und, the townspeople greeting them like celebrities. It was a stark contrast to their treatment in Sardon, as different as night and day. Their stroll continued for minutes as the gates to the Castle of Acknear-Und came into full-view.

The End

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