Of Faith and Justice, Light and ThunderMature

Max laughed as if he had heard a jester of high renown give a speech. The Emperor had one of those til he died. Old Barlo was funny, but alas age got the better of him. Something Max actually felt was a tragedy. What he didn't find as a tragedy was the death of the guards he had just killed and this new man in silver armor who was about to die.

"To answer your question, no," Max said, letting the electrical currents run over his armor and tickle the skin beneath. "I am too great to lower myself to kill someone like that. Does that truly shock you men?" 

The man didn't seem to believe him. "I'll have your head, Knight."

The way he said knight. Oh, that was funny. He said it with disgust. "I'm sorry, sir, but I believe you meant to-"

Max was cut off as the opposing knight lunged and closed the distance. Fast! Max barely had enough time to dodge to the side. From the looks of it, his armor was heavier. His power over polarity could help lighten the load but moving still had it's disadvantages. But, he was too great. He had to have some weakness, right?

Placing his power in one hand, Max attracted a nearby spear from a downed guard. It was a little too light for his amazing self, but it did well to combat this newcomer in silver armor. If just barely. The man was good, surprisingly. 

"I would wish to know your name, adversary," Max asked, barely managing to block a blow to his side and gain some distance. Spears were his forte, but this one was too unbalanced to take advantage of. This man would be a tough opponent with a better spear too, though. Max was great, but so was his opponent. 

"Deorwine," the man said, grabbing his sword with both hands and bringing it down on Max's spear, breaking it in two. Well, that was quite a shocking moment. "And I believe me and you will get to know each other before your execution."

Max laughed. "My dear Deorwine," he said, "I do not think you would be so cocky in front of me, the Knight of Justice!"

"You expect me to believe that nonsense?"

It was then that a bolt of, well... light... pierced the man who called himself Deorwine. Max half expected blood to come from the place, but for some reason none did. In fact, the man just seemed to stop. The guards surrounding Max and the great knight himself turned to see a newcomer that was just a little shorter than Max. Blonde hair lay upon his head, but Max hardly paid attention to it. 

The man had white lines covering his visible skin. 

Max was familiar with the legends. Someone so great had to be, of course. This newcomer was the Knight of Faith. At least, Max thought he was. In any case... 

"Sorry, good guards of Sardon, it looks like you have to watch the skies as I storm away," Max said with a bow, "I will pray that this whole mess is resolved and your limited brains figure out the real culprit before my next visit." He still had to find that store.

Max placed his polarity to the building behind the surprised man with white lines and supercharged the amount. In an instant, he flew toward the man. Were those priest robes? Well, knight of Faith and all... Max grabbed the hem of the man's shirt and pulled him up. His polarity was changed and Max made himself and his new companion repel from the ground. 

The last thing Max saw before leaving Sardon behind was Deorwine moving again and shouting something. After that, Sardon became smaller and smaller. 

"Wh-what's going on!?"

Ah, that's right. The new guy. 

Max smiled at his companion. "You have been saved by the great and powerful Maximus Wingate, Knight of Acknear-Und and Justice." He looked down. "Do not worry, I am not going to let you fall. I don't make mistakes like that." The man still looked a little panicked. Probably a newcomer to the heavens. "What is your name?

"Xenius," he said, breathing deeply and calming himself. Or so Max thought. "I am supposed to be the Knight of Faith."

"Ah, so I was right, as usual." Max pulled on a distant place to start the journey back to Acknear-Und. He had an amazing sense of direction, but that was no surprise, really. "I am going to take you back to Acknear-Und. You can meet the king and get a set of armor made. I'll train you, of course. Only the best for a fellow Knight." 

The man didn't have time to say anything as Max let go of the polarity he had and simply made himself fall in a slanted motion. When it started to straighten out, he pulled strongly at that distant place he knew so well. It was almost like going down a slope. Ah, flying was such a great experience. And from Xenius lack of shouting, he would be just fine. 

The End

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