Xenias - Knight of FaithMature

Amidst the chaos of Sardon, in a quaint church nearby knelt Xenias Dreyval. He had finally completed his penance, but he felt that it wasn't enough for the sins he had committed. He had heard of the atrocities occurring around him, yet he remained unerring, his spirit bathed in light. A priest of the church approached him.

"Lord Xenias, are you done praying?"

"Yes, Father."

Suddenly a blinding white light came down upon the Knight. His eyes and body glowed with a shimmering hue. And in a flash, it ended. His arms now surged with pure white lines that ran along his skin. His eyes and body finally stopped glowing, leaving Xenias and the Priest with shock and awe. The Priest bowed before him, saying:

"My child, my young Knight, you have become the Knight of Faith, one of the legendary Knights whose powers manifest once a great task must be accomplished. Consider it a reward for your penance.:

Xenias stared at his hands, which now glowed with several white lines. As he glanced up towards the door, he saw a group of eight Sardon Guards enter the church. The Knight in front stepped forward, sword drawn, as he addressed the Priest.

"Father Gervais, you have been accused of high treason and conspiracy. I need you to come with us quietly."

"No way, this must some kind of mistake!" Xenias roared, moving to draw his sword, but halting as Father Gervais stopped him.

"My child, please, let me be. I know what kind of man I am, I know the truth will be revealed very soon." As Father Gervais said this last part he leaned and whispered in Xenias' ear, "Don't let them discover your powers, not just yet."

The Guards calmly walked past him and went to bind Father Gervais' hands with thick rope, but as they did, Xenias turned and roared. "No! I will not let another injustice happen, not here, not now!" Xenias' hands now glowed vibrantly as he launched a cross-shaped blade of light that pierced the first guard in the chest, immobilizing him.

"What was that ability!?" The Guards now turned their swords to him. "Speak!"

"I... I don't know..." The first guard was still immobilized as the blade of light, jutted from his chest.

"I need you to come with us. Don't make us take you by force."

Just as the guards moved to arrest him, off in the distance the sound of thunder cried deeply from the sky. The streak of unnatural lightning struck another of Sardon's Guards as they wailed in pain. Another streak of lightning crashed from the sky, followed by another cry.

"Damn it! We'll be back for you... Beside we already have all of the gates closed and heavily guarded." The first guard now was able to move, Xenias still didn't have full control of his Light powers just yet. They all left, hurrying to the sound of thunder.

"Can it be...!? The color of that lightning? Is it possible..." Father Gervais said silently to himself. "Xenias, go to that sound, I fear another one of the Elemental Knights are in trouble. He may need you."

"But, but, but, I can't really do anything, I don't even know what I can do?"

"Now is not the time for questions, now is the time for action."

Xenias rushed off, trailing past the guards and cutting through the back alleys, hoping to get to what maybe another of the Elemental Knights.

The End

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