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Maximus Wingate strolled through the bustling city of Sardon with relative ease. If not for his heavy armor that bored the semblance of an eagle and scarred forehead, barely hidden by his blond hair, these people wouldn't recognize him as the knight who could wield lightning from the kingdom of Acknear-Und. It was annoying, all this attention.

This trip was only because Max had been told they had a store specializing in rocks of rare types. He had never been to Sardon and never would have been if not for this. He loved rocks, so that merchant had better not been lying or else he would find and show him a knight's wrath! 

The crowds were getting thicker the closer Max got to the shopping district of Sardon. He had heard the crowds could be bad, but this was ridiculous! The Supreme would hear of this next time. Someone like the great Sir Wingate didn't deserve to have to fight through this. 

Wait, why struggle?

As people around him asked questions about his abilities and the like, Max pulled on the vast source within him. The act calmed his annoyance and made him feel energized. Slowly, he spread the power he had been born with through his body, forcing it to repel the ground he stood on. 

The people made noises of awe and surprise as Max rose from their ranks. "People of Sardon!" Max yelled as loud as he could. They needed to know how great he was. "I hope I do not alarm you with my abilities, but they are the amazing gifts I received upon birth. I do hope you don't envy me too much and accept them as powers of great proportion."

They gave him mixed reactions, some calling for him to show his trickery, but Max didn't care. He simply changed the polarity of his body to attract to a nearby building. The story should be in the southern part of the shopping district. Sardon was a strange city, though. So big yet not many maps that he could find. 

So annoying. 

Several times Max stopped at a store and asked for the Stone Emporium, the store he had heard about from that merchant the week before. Nobody had heard of it, prompting Max to believe it was either really new or he had been lied to.... That merchant was dead. Or, well, at least going to regret lying to the great Knight of Acknear-Und! 

"Can't wait to leave here," Max said to himself as he moved over the people searching for his quarry. He still heard the occasional shouts and yelps from the people below. They at least knew he was their superior now. 

Guards appeared in groups on occasion, but Max was actually surprised when he looked down and saw dozens of them gathering near where he was heading. People were clearing out as well. Was this some sort of welcome? Max decided to indulge these men and grace them with his awe-inspiring presence. 

He landed just a few feet away from them, prompting a few to pull swords and back away. Odd, for a bunch of ordinary men facing a true Knight. "Gentlemen, perhaps you can help me?"

"Maximus Wingate," one of the guards - a tall man standing about a head above Max and wearing a band of red around his arm - said sternly, "You are charged with murdering the King of Sardon, his Majesty King Saddler, and eleven honor guard. Will you go quietly?"

Max wasn't quite sure what to say to this. He had killed bandits, lions on occasion, and a dragon once, but never a king. Especially one from Acknear-Und's allies. So, he did what any reasonable man of greatness would do. 

"You are fools to think you can catch me," Max said with a confident smile, "So why would I stop in front of a legion" - the guards had grown in force during their conversation - "and talk with them if I killed their king? Answer me that with your limited brain."

The man grunted. "Men, capture the knight of Acknear-Und. I want him alive, if you can, but it is only an option."

They charged. So, Max reversed his polarity and leaped into the air. Arrows shot after him but they all missed due to the small target and the unpracticed archers. No doubt the truly talented archers were stationed in the castle or something. Max could have laughed at this futile attempt at a capture had he not felt annoyed about how the Supreme would react, let alone the Emperor! That old man could clear Max's name and avoid war, probably. 

All Maximus had to do was escape and make it back. Not a hard feat so long as one of those rumored knights didn't appear. 

The End

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