Will She Ever Let Us Leave!?

I searched threw my drawer one more time before I grabbed my shorts.It can't be too bad, it's not like we're sleeping in the same room. "Alex!," I could here my mom's voice echo through the hall ways," Make sure you Pack Some Underwear!" 

My face went pale. How could she say something so embarassing? I'm not four anymore,I know to pack underwear. "Mom!" "It's Okay," she came and stood in the door way," he went to tell Lauren that it'll be a minute."

I could feel the heat in my face cool down. "That's not funny," I shut my drawer and went into the kitchen to grab a quick snack. As I Opened a bag of animal crackers and began to walk out the door, Brian came barging in. "You Ready?"

I Gestured to my bag to show I was all packed up. "okay then, let's go." he got one step before my mom stuttered"wait." oh,come on! let's just go already. " I accidentally broke a glass earlier..... would you mind cleaning it up for me Brian?"

"uh," Brian took a quick glance at me and knew I wanted to leave," sure. I'll meet you out there in a sec." He turned to flash one more of his deadly smiles and went to get the broom from my mom's hand.

I rushed out the door, but tried not to look like I was in a hurry. Once I got in the car, I placed my bag under the seat and buckled up. After a minute or so of awkward silence, Brian came out and got in the car. I couldn't help but wonder how he didn't hit his head.

Lauren started backing up and I knew the rest of the ride would be the same as those few minutes.

The End

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