Josh >:(

After the game was over, Taylor and I made our way down the bleachers. Once we were at the gate, Taylor gave me a quick hug and trotted off. Time for homecoming....Yay :( .I really didn't want to go, but I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that desperately wanted to. 

 I headed to the car and searched my pockets for my phone. Crap! I must have dropped it under the bleachers. I headed back through the gate and ducked under the bleachers. I frantically searched the perimeter for my phone. Just when I was about to give up, "looking for this?"

It was Josh. Josh is my ex, but for some reason he couldn't let me go. "Oh My Gosh, thank you so much. I was about to go insane," I reached out to grab my phone. When I was sure that my phone was secured in my hand, I took off, but I couldn't move. Josh still had a hold of my phone. 'Ok, seriously Josh? I need to go, Bri-'"

"Brian?" Josh pulled me in close to his chest. "What about me, about us?" I pulled away, " You broke up with me! Why can't you just move on? I did." "I made a mistake, I want you back," he reached for my hand. I pulled back and rushed back to the car.

" What took you so long? We need to pick up your dress," Brian flashed a smile at me, shooting away all the thoughts in my mind and replacing them with butterflies. "Come on, " he put his hand out," don't get me wrong, you look cute and all, but no date of mine is going like that." "Date?" The butterflies made there way to my stomach and vicously fluttered around. "uh, Date? Did I say that, I meant, to uh," I caught a glimpse of Josh from the corner of my eye. He was rushing towards us," Um, never mind, let's just go ," I ran to the passenger seat and fastened my seat belt. 

Josh was right in front of us when we pulled out, waving his arms and shouting"come back, baby, I love you!" Brian gave me a confused look and I just gave him a quick smirk. He turned back towards the road and hurried off.

The End

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