After my shower, I rummaged through the kitchen for something to snack on. I figured that I'd just eat cereal, so I went to get a bowl out of the dishwasher and noticed a pink sheet of paper fall on the floor. ‘Here's some medicine. Hope you feel better' ‘was scribbled across it with a smudge at the end, I figured it was Brian's signature. I put the paper in the trash and grabbed a bowl from the dishwasher and set it on the counter. Sure enough, sitting on the counter was and ibuprofen and 2 allergy tablets.

                I went ahead and swallowed them down with a glass of water and gulped down some frosted flakes. At about 10, I felt a whole lot better. After awhile, I really didn't know what to do. I saw Brian's Ipod lying on the coffee table with the headphones dangling of the side. I doubted he would mind if I listened to it. I unlocked the bottom switch and shoved one of the earpieces in my ear and pushed play. The first thing that came up was trouble by nevershoutnever. It was half way through the song; he must have been listening to it last night. I restarted the song and listened to the first 30 seconds when I realized, he doesn't like nevershoutnever. Then the playlist name caught my eye, ‘Alexandria'.

                After thinking for a bit, I remembered that I was the only Alexandria he knew. I went back and looked at all the songs:

  • with you-chris brown
  • I melt with you-bowling for soup
  • There's nothing-sean kingston
  • Baby it's a fact-hellogoodbye
  • MySpace girl-the afters
  • Green grass grows-Tim McGraw
  • I don't want to miss a thing-Aerosmith
  • Robot love-Allison iraheta
  • You and I-anarbor
  • Things I'll never say-avril lavigne

It wasn't until I saw damn girl by all American rejects that I realized these were the songs on the cd he gave me in last year for my birthday. Weird. I figured it was just a coincidence.

                At exactly 11, Brian got home, I had fallen asleep again and he came to wake me up. "Alex!" "What," I felt in a daze. "Do you feel good enough to go to the game?" I thought for a moment, I felt just fine and my body had reached its normal temperature, but I didn't  want Brian to think I desperately wanted to go(which a part of me really did) , so I  replied with" I don't have any money for a ticket."Brian captivated me by flashing me one of his smiles. He dug into his pocket and pulled out two tickets. "Come on, get dressed and we'll go," he handed me the tickets and left the room. I got up, locked the door and slipped on my ‘I love Lucy' t-shirt and jeans. I brushed threw my hair and tied it back and placed two black lines on my cheeks.

                I grabbed the tickets and headed to the car. "That's cute," Brian pointed to the black lines I had put on my cheeks. "Oh, um, thanks. Soooo, where's your mom?" "She's not coming, here, put this on," Brian passed me his extra jersey and I slipped it on. (Got to have team spirit.)After Brian turned the key, we were off. The whole way there, I stared clueless at the two tickets in my hand.

                Once we got there. Brian snatched the extra ticket and slid it in his pocket. "Who's the other one for?" Brian shrugged and came around to let me out.  We walked up to the gate were we met Taylor. She was standing there in awe. I waved my hand in front of her face to get her attention. "You need a ticket," Brian took out the other ticket and handed it to Taylor then walked to the locker room. "What's up with you?" I asked. "Nothing, I just didn't know you guys were going out....I can't believe he actually got me a ticket, I didn't think he was serious." I figured he bought it for someone....... I thought for a second about what Taylor had said. "Wait a second! Me and Brian aren't going out?" "Oh, well he sure does talk about you a lot. You guys would be a good couple." I grabbed Taylor's ticket and went to the bleachers, "2," The guy at the ticket booth gave me two stickers as I walked into the stadium, Taylor, slowly, following behind.

                We placed the stickers over our chest and watched as the game started. The whole time I watched and cheered, I couldn't seemed to get the words out of my head ‘he sure talks about you a lot' and ‘you guys would be a cute couple'. Usually I would take Taylor's words seriously but for some reason, the words seemed to be plastic to me....though I felt the urge to say that I and Brain were going out.

                I watched as he ran to the touchdown and caught the ball. I wasn't sure, but he smiled, and I could swear that it was meant for me and me alone.


The End

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