When we got to their house, I went straight to the guest room only to find it full of junk. Now what? "you're sleeping in my room," Brian said, pulling my arm down the hall. He dropped my stuff in his room and closed the door.

                I studied the room. It was the same as any other 16 year olds room, except the fact it was clean.  I picked up my bag and placed it on the bed. I searched through my stuff pulling out my tank top and shorts. Just as I was about to change, Brian came in. "oh, sorry, do I need to leave," he asked, slowly backing out the door.

                Cheeks, once again, flushed, I replied "uh, no, it's okay. I'll just change later." Brian flashed me a smile, but not like the time before. This one was more of an embarrassed, half grin. "Uh....," he ran over to his dresser and grabbed his ipod, "I just wanted to get, uh, yeah." With a quick leap, he was out the door.

                This time, I went and locked the door. Then I quickly changed and pulled my hair into a messy bun. I unlocked the door and jumped onto his bed. It was surprisingly comfortable and really early but once I laid my head down, I drifted off to sleep in no time.

                I woke up freezing. It wasn't cold or anything but I was. I curled into a ball, bundling up in Brian's Longhorns comforter. I could feel the heat of my body burning me but I was still cold. I laid there for a good five minutes until someone came in the room. I wasn't sure who it was at first. Then I felt a cold hand on my forehead, "You're burning up," I recognized Brian's voice.

                "Maybe you should stay home today." My eyes shot open. Miss school? I've never been absent, EVER! I sat up and leaped out of bed, "I can't stay home!, I'm fine," I could hear that groggy noise in my voice. "Umm, well, you can go if you want, but...," he let out a sigh and turned back toward the door. "Just call me when you need to be picked up." Picked up? What about the bus or, or his mom.......

                I knew Brian could drive, but how would he get home to get his car.....unless today was, THE HOMECOMING GAME! Oh wow, I forgot school is getting out earlier"Umm, wait." Brian spun around and as if he knew what I was going to say, he replied, "cool, I'll be home at 11ish, if you're feeling better, I'll take you to the game." "But," I was still worried about missing school. "It will be fine, it's not like they're going to come hunt you down or anything." It sure felt that way.

                Brian stood there for awhile and commented" oh hey, I used to love Winnie the pooh when I was little," and walked out of the room. Winnie the Pooh? What's he talking about? I looked down and remembered my shorts! They had Winnie and tiger in the corner chasing a balloon. Oh great, now he's gonna think I'm a little kid and he saw me in short. I usually wouldn't mind someone seeing me in shorts but, Brian, I just didn't know, it made me feel naked. I tried to clear my head and decided I was going to take a shower, I figured it would make me feel a little bit better.

The End

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