I felt a nudge from Taylor and quickly turned my attention to Mr.Bennett.
 "Oh um, sorry Mr.Bennett umm......," the bell rang and I launched myself out the door. "Alexandria, come back her! I need to have a word with you."

        I let out a breif sigh and spun around putting on a wide smile. "What is it Mr. Bennett?"I tried to sound as if i had no clue what was wrong.
         He smiled and began picking up papers from desks. I waited a bit, debating on whether i should sneak out or not. When i finally decided to go Mr.Bennett turned to me,"you seem to be very tired lately,is something wrong?"

     I put on an even bigger smile," Oh, yea, I'm fine I've just had alot of homework lately.That's all" Before he could say another word,I was out the door.
       I dodged through all the ninth graders that sped through the hallways and squeezed through the groups that decided to block the halls. I was almost to the buses when Brian stopped me.

        "Alex, you know your welcome to stay at my house for awhile if your parents are fighting again." Again, wait how did he know my parents were fighting, I never told anyone, not even Taylor.

        "How did you..," "Oh, my mom told me, your moms friend, her name is Lau....," I cut him off,"Lauren oh, no ill be okay im just going to go over to Taylors but thanks anyways."

         He stared at me, I could feel him trying to read my emotions. He knew I was lying. I could feel my face getting hot and realized the buses leaving. Oh great know how am I suppose to get home?

          He must have realized my delima because he grabbed my wrist and began pulling me toward his moms car. "umm, I can walk, my house isn't that far from here."
        "Well, your coming over to my house and its to far to walk," he flashed me a smile and I couldn't help but laugh. He had such an awkward yet charming smile and it gave me a warm feeling in my stomach. I liked it.

          His mom was waiting in the car and wasn't suprised at all about my presence. "Hi Lauren," I tried to seem as awake as possible.
      "You seem tired,"she looked back at me giving me a mocking smile. she knew me to well.

          I slid into the back set and noticed Brian mouthing something to Lauren. She nodded and started the car. "We're going to stop by your house so you can get some clean clothes for tommorow." Ugh, why me.It's ok at least you'll get some sleep right? "Um ok, but....," I stopped there was no use in arguing.

I looked back at Brian. He even looked tall when he's sitting down. He looked at me and embaressed I flashed a quick smile and turned to look out the window.

"We're here,"Lauren unlocked the doors and I half way jumped out.

                As I grabbed my books out of the car I heard the faint sound of a glass breaking and hoped no one else heard it. I shut the door and began up the drive way when I heard another car door slam and stopped to wait for Brian to run up beside me. "My mom told me to come with you, just in case," I nodded and walked to the door trying to remember if I had cleaned my room the night before or not.

             "Alexandria, is that you," I could here my mom asking as I opened the door." Yeah mom, I'm going over to Lauren's house tonight is that okay?"
            I stood in the door way waiting for a reply when Brian spoke up. "My mom says hi," his glanced toward me as my mom ran over and gave him a hug.

           "Okay mom don't kill him,"I walked over to my room as I listened to my mom go on about how long it was since the last time she saw Brain. 

          I opened my door and set my books on the shelf and bag on the ground next to the wall. I was relieved to find my room spotless. I went to my closet and grabbed a pair of Jeans and a 'I love Lucy' T-shirt.

         I packed my clothes and stuff into my Invader Zim bag that I used on occasians like this. As I went through my drawer for pajamas I realized that all I had were shorts and tank tops.

      "Mom,"  called as I walked to the living room were she was pampering Brian with cookies and soda,"can I borrow a pair of your sweats?"

         She gave me a curious look and then looked at Brian. I saw her mouth the words "Oh, I see,"and went over to her room. Brian looked up at meand my bag of clothes. He stood up and walked over laying his hand on my shoulder," nice house." he smiled his awkward smile and began to walk around looking at all our furniture.

        "Umm, sweety, I don't have any clean sweats," her eyes looked apologitic. She wnt back to her room and Brian came back over to me.
            "I don't mind you know," he smirked "I'll be right back," I sighed and went back to my room to grab a pair of shorts.

The End

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