The field was bloody and filled with injured soldiers. The rain battered down on my head as i doudged the curving blade of my attacker. I plunged my blade into his stomach and he fell silently to the ground. I looked around for my next opponent. A child!!!

The child looked only about 10 years old. He was short and slim with spiked black hair. His eyes shimmered like black diamonds. He lifted his blade. I didn't lift mine, I couldn't. He was only a child. He stood there, his black cape flying in the wind, preparing to kill me.

"Coward!!!" He mocked. "Your too afraid to kill a child!!" I gritted my teeth.

"I'm not afraid!! I killed half of the men on this field!!" I yelled angrely. A huge, mocking grin appeared on his dark face. He was enjoying this.

"Good. Then you won't be afraid to kill me then, will you???" He lowered his sword to allow me to attack him. I hesitated. Suddenly he swung his sword and slashed my right shin, sending me to the ground.

 I looked up at the laughing child. I can't belive it. I had been defeated by a 10 year old. He kicked my face and pushed me against the nearest bowlder. He placed his sword at my neck.

I began to lift my sword hand but he stabbed it and the sword dropped. I was left weaponless and injured. Prepared to die.

"Kill me, please" I muttered. One of us would have to die and it wasn't going to be him. I glared up at him. "Go on, do it. Kill me. KILL ME!!" I screamed. But he couldn't do it. He couldn't kill me. Suddenly his jet black eyes turned amber, then he fell to the ground. For a second I thought it was a trick so I didn't move. It wasn't a trick.

He lay in the mud, I sat over him. For a while he was motionless. But soon his eyes opened again, black as before. He slowly stood up, unsteadily. But only 2 heartbeats after he cryed in pain and fell forwards. I caught him and gentely lowered him down against the bowlder.

"No, don't help me. I don't deser--" He gasped in pain once again. I had to do something. I had to help him. I put me ear to his chest. The heartbeat was normal. "You can not help me."He whispered. "The Zonox has been open--" Again the pain hit him like a lighting bolt. He placed his hand on mine. He was slowly growing cold. Slowly growing lifeless. Soon the boy was nothing more than another dead body.

I lifted him, slung him over my shoulder and limped away. Ice cold tears dripping from my sky blue eyes.

The End

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