And the panic beginsMature

"It's kinda nice without Jessie hanging around, getting on our cases," Mike said. Jessie had gone missing. Well, not missing; she left a note, packed her bags and vanished. Apparently she was going to go home, that she'd had a call from her mum and that her family was still alive. I guess that's fair enough. I would do the same, but I'd never been very close with my family. I was happier just sticking with Mike. 

We were curled up on the sofa together, a mug of coffee in one of Mike's hands, his other arm curled around my chest comfortably. The TV was mumbling softly to itself in the background and we had a few candles dotted about the place - the front room window got smashed in by some drunk asshole screaming that the world was ending, so we'd ended up putting half the wardrobe across it. It was kinda depressing sitting in the dark, indoors all day. Mike had insisted I stay off work. The clean up patrols weren't keeping on top of the virus problem and the last thing he needed, he told me, was for me to end up catching it just because I was going to work. 

I wasn't complaining, though, I got to spend all day with Mike, lounging around. Now Jessie had gone, and that woman, Scarlett had thanked us for the hospitality and vanished the morning after she stayed over, we were left to do what we liked. It was the first time we'd had the house to ourselves in a while. 

I rolled onto my front, lying on top of him, smiling. My fingernail gently traced patterns down the side of his neck, making him tilt his head.

And then the news had to come on, didn't it? He glanced over at the TV and turned the volume up, his attention on the headlines being read out. 

"People are beginning to panic as this new plague seems to be sweeping across the UK uncontrollably. Military patrols have been unsuccessful in keeping the infected contained, and authorities have advised that people should start stocking up on supplies," a stern looking lady said on the screen. She went on and on about it, showing video clips of infected bodies reanimating in the streets and attacking passersby. I stopped listening, groaning into Mike's shoulder and closing my eyes. 

"I wish they'd stop making people panic like this," I whined, "it's not gonna help anything, people are just gonna get hurt if they see this and all rush out to buy everything they can see."

Mike let out a sigh, "I don't think they're making it up though, babe. It really is getting worse out there, and I think we should go and get what we can before it's all gone," he said, playing with my hair. 

I growled, lifting my head up, "don't tell me you're buying this shit too?" 

"I'm not buying it, I'm being realistic. If it really is getting out of control, then we can't expect to go out after everyone else and still find some canned food." 

After much sulking, I finally gave in to his pestering. I sucked it up and got dressed while he looked for his car keys. 

It took forever to get to the supermarket; everyone had seen the news and it was exactly like I expected. The roads were jammed  and the queues inside were about a mile long. 
There was this awful air of panic - it was like this sort of herd mentality. The more people looking panicked and worried and grabbing stuff off the shelves, the more other people began to panic and worry. These people think it's true too, and there's so many people here that it can't be wrong. That was all I saw. No one knew anything more than what they had heard on the news or from other people. 

It got under Mike's skin, too. I bit my lip. I didn't want to believe the world would be abandoned to something like this. 

The End

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