The streets weren’t safe anymore; they hadn’t been for a long time, but that didn’t stop me. I was fucking hungry, and the flesh-eaters were becoming a real pain in the ass when I was trying to satisfy this never-ending gnawing that reverberated throughout my body and drove splinters into my bones. That’s the only way I can accurately describe it: agony. 

The human I was following thought that he was alone, but then again so did I. I had no idea that someone was watching me; a side effect of the hunger. My senses weren’t as alert as they should be and I was focussed solely on this walking sack of blood in front of me. He kept to the shadows and I could see the unmistakable outline of a gun hanging in his trembling grip. He emanated waves of fear and nerves and it made my mouth water. 

It was dark now and a part of me had to question what the guy was doing all alone by himself, did he really think he could handle the danger that was rife now? Then I decided that I didn’t care. He just made it all the more easy for me. I was gaining on him; he was just a few yards away now. Stretching out my hand, my fingertips grazed the hood of his jacket until something wrapped itself round my waist and I was being hauled backwards. Before I could react, a meaty hand clamped over my mouth and another pair of hands gripped my flailing legs. 

‘We got her, take her over there!’ a gruff voice instructed. Disorientated and pissed off, I struggled in the grip of these men to no avail. I was just too weak.

 They threw me roughly to the ground and I cried out in surprise. Two guys, both well-built and stocky glared at me. One licked his lips. 

‘She’s not a bad one,’ his eyes trailed over my body slowly, lingering on my chest.

 ‘Oh you have got to be kidding me,’ I muttered, rolling my eyes.

 ‘Bitch who said you could talk?’ a fist came flying to my face out of nowhere and I was knocked back to the ground again. Stars danced in my vision and I could taste blood in my mouth. 

‘You do what we tell you!’ 

Oh fuck this.  

I stood up slowly. One of the men tried to grab me again but I caught his hand in mine and began to squeeze slowly. 

He cried out in pain and the look of shock in their eyes was almost worth getting hit. The shock morphed into realization which then morphed into pure, unadulterated fear and I couldn’t help the grin that stretched across my face. ‘That’s right, you know what I am now don't you?'

The pathetic bastard whimpered beneath me and the other one started to run away. The strength flooded back to me though as I realized what a good time I was about to have. I hadn’t done this in ages! I picked up the lid of a nearby dustbin and flung it with one hand at the human. It knocked him out cold and he collapsed to the ground with a thud. 

‘Oh shoot,’ I frowned. ‘I’ll have to wait until he wakes up now.’ 

Bones crunched in my grip and the guy gave an almighty bellow as I broke his hand. I smiled at him. ‘You and me are gonna have fun though. You may have made my meal get away but I think I can manage with what I have here. I'm freaking hungry.'

'P-please,' he started to beg. 

'Don't take it personally it's just... actually, yes. Do take it personally.'

I let the hunger consume me then and I felt myself changing. 

'God I'm going to enjoy this.'

The End

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