My name is Daniel Goodson and I am part of the GSA and I am a
highly trained operative on Medics and Urban Warfare and I am also an ex-Navy SEALS Operative. I am pretty much the average good soldier with blue almost hazel eyes and short blondish black hair and about 6 foot 3 inches but I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m handsome but my last name is most assuredly as hell not Ugly. Today I got my first assignment from the GSA in a long time. It came in a big yellow envelope and from the looks of it was going to be a need to know basis project. I slowly opened it up with suspenseful curiosity that had struck me only once before when I was 16 years old. It was the year 2067 when all those grisly bio-weapons came out of nowhere. The suspenseful curiosity that happened 18 years ago caused me to open a door that changed my life forever. I had heard screaming and yelling so I went to find out what all the racket was about. I had opened the door to the front yard but instead it let in zombie like creatures into my home. My father did not see them. My brothers were luckily able to get outside with my mother. For five days the attacks were continuously going until the US Government sent in a sweeper team of Navy Seals and the US Army but even that was not enough to neutralize them because for every person that died another zombie would come to life. The President of the United States of America decided to send a nuclear warhead to neutralize Lindenbrook City. I was able to get out before the nuke exploded. The human losses were greater than the losses in the 9/11 and the Pearl Harbor attacks put together. This event was one of the most important events in human history. After that I just wanted to join the Navy SEALS to help stop what later became known as the Dead War which lasted for about 13 years. Soon after countries fell and the only ones that were left were either as big or bigger than the USA or too small that whoever deployed the dead cannibals had overlooked.

As I opened the envelope I saw that they had found a village near were the evacuated city Madrid, Spain is and it is a suspected village where cannibalistic activity was reported which might have had something to do with what happened during the Dead War. I am supposed to extract the subject Mark Kennedy the only son of the American Senator Steven Kennedy. I am going to be accompanied by 2 other men nicknamed JJ and Bolu. They both have a military record of 20 years and they both made it up to the rank of sergeant until Bolu was shot twice and JJ was kicked out because he was starting to go crazy and would say that a man named Aaron Thompson was trying to hunt and kill him. We are not really equipped for the job if the reports are correct because we only have AK47’s and a standard 9mm handgun and only 10 m-bombs and 10 motion sensitive bombs. I started to leave to get briefed on the mission when John came in. John is a very tall man that liked to wear glasses. He has black hair and has a very high vocabulary. He thinks that the age of the Greasers hasn’t ended yet.


“Hi John”

“I hear that you were assigned the Mark Kennedy Case”

“Who told” I replied sneeringly.

“Hey come on don’t be like that. Don’t tell me you’re still sour about Amy and me. I did not ask her to dump you. She just had told me that she did not know what to do with you anymore so, I just said ‘Amy I think that you should do whatever you think is best.’”

“Yeah right well how come she’s with you now? And if you don’t mind I was just on my way to get briefed on the assignment.”

“Go on right ahead. But before you leave I just wanted to tell you something.”

“Well make it quick”

“I wanted to say that
Amy and I were thinking about getting married.” He replied in an almost taunting tone.

“Well to what do I owe the pleasure of finding this out before everyone else?”

“Hey I just thought that you should be the first to know.”

“Well I wish you two both well and if you don’t mind I must be on my way.” I replied as I walked out shutting the door behind me.

I could tell that I was late but I really didn’t care I walked in as if nothing happened.

“You are late Sergeant,” General Williams said.

“I am truly sorry” I replied in an almost convincing way.

“Well we already lost time so we are going to have to make this a short one. 20 minutes tops.”

“Very good, Sir are the 2 Corporals here yet.”

“As a matter of fact I told them to go get coffee whilst I waited for you.”

“Shall I go get them?”

“No. They should be here in a little.”

“Very good.”

A knock came from the door and then 2 men came in carrying coffee.

“JJ and Bolu reporting!” They both yelled.

Bolu was short but a strong and skinny man. He had blonde hair that you could easily tell was dyed and his eyes were a brown almost gold color. When he talked he stuttered and sometimes JJ would have to translate. I could tell that he was because crazy he had a fire in his eye like the fire in the eye of a lion trying to get a mouse to believe that he will not eat him when his back is turned.

JJ was a different story. He was a tall man and like Bolu he was muscular but his eyes were not a regular color. The colors of his eyes were black with a rim of turquoise but the pupil was what caught my attention. In the exact middle was a red spot and while looking at it I could almost swear I heard the scream of lunacy. JJ saw me staring and widened his eyes with dissatisfaction so, I turned away.

“Gentleman I trust that you know why you are here today and it is my duty to tell you exactly what the mission’s objectives and expectations are. I am correct in assuming that you are familiar with the Dead War, am I not?” Lieutenant Commander Williams asked even though he already knew the answer.

“Yes sir.”

“Very well,” he paused for a moment then continued in a melancholy way “Ever since the Dead War we have kept a surveillance town in every single country. The purpose of the town was to make sure that another incident like that would not happen again. Today at 0310 hours a distress call was made stating that someone or something entered the control center of the town and started to randomly kill people. Then at 0330 hours another call was made by the subject Mark Kennedy. Here is a tape recording of what he said.”

“We need people to get here and clear this place out of,” he was interrupted by static, “Oh God, Billy not you too!” he was then interrupted by moaning and distant gunfire. “All his blood is on the floor, Jesus, Billy. We need units here ASAP. I can hide in my office but that will only slow them down.” There were some distinct Russians speaking and arguing. “Hey what are you doing? No, NO, NOOOOOOOO!” The rest was just static.

“So gentleman”, Lieutenant Commander Williams said, “Do you think that you are up for the challenge because I am going to be straight with you if I were in your shoes I would just walk out of this room, forget about the GSA and live the rest of my short happy life.”

“I’m in,” I said

“I’m in sir,” JJ said.

“I...I...Do...Not…Know...I...Guess…Yes sir!” Bolu replied.

“Very well you are all in it together, good luck and God bless.”

The End

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