Sleep some more in case this is a dream.Mature

You yawn. You're tired. You decide to sleep, assuming that this isn't real and it's just a dream. You can sleep in a dream, right?

You walk into your bedroom and lay on the bed. You soon fall asleep as the sounds of screaming and gunfire are outside....


You wake with a start. Another boom comes from your front door. You walk to it and open it up.

You see a grueling sight. A balding man with blood dripping down from his mouth and tattered clothes stands before you. His mouth is open to reveal sharp, jagged teeth. His skin is pale and his eyes are distant, likes he's blind. He moans as he lunges at you, making you fall to the floor in surprise. His mouth comes dangerously close to your neck as you try to push him back.

The man is too strong and he bites down on your neck. As your vision starts to blacken, you see other people, zombies, come into your apartment and chew on your body. Before you die, you think, I shouldn't have slept....

The End

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