A Brand New DayMature

*This is a Addventure mode story*
The world has ended. Zombies rule the Earth. Stores looted, bandits killing anything that moves; how would you survive?
You are the main character. As you decide what to do, it leads to a variety of different options. Will it lead to your survival -- or ultimate doom?

You wake up with a massive headache. What happened last night? Your vision blurry, you look at your surroundings.

You're in your little apartment building. You lay on the couch, the TV blaring in front of it. Behind the couch is the kitchen. It holds all of your food (duh) and drinks. To the left of the couch is the bedroom. To the right is the bathroom.

You sit up, instantly regretting it. Looking at the TV, you catch some of what the news reporter is saying. Why were you watching the news last night?

"As more of the city is being devoured, citizens are required to stay in their homes. This is a Class 2 Outbreak. Repeat, do not leave your homes."

What was going on? You stand up and walk over to the window.

Outside, it's chaos. Buildings are on fire, people are running out on the streets, attacking each other. It looks just like one of those cheesy horror films you always watch. But this is real. It can't be, though.

As you sit back down, you decided to think of your situation. What should you do?

The End

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