Zombie Hero

Years into the future life isn't what you think. Yes a disease infected people turning them into zombies. But the great Dr Frost made a vaccine before it got out of controll. 10 years later the elimination of all zombies has begin.

The squad 5 leader ducked under a crate as the zombie hurled a car tire at his head. He was on his way to the rest of his squad, when this Hissy started to through a trantrum. Man were they anoying. Not very strong Hissy were just plain anoying. He looked up 'WHAM' the head of a sledge hammer flew right into the squad 5 leaders face. He fell unconscious. Hissys may not be strong but you gotta hate it when they get their hands on hard blunt objects.

"Leader of squad 5 can you hear me?" nothing but static. "Leader of squad 5 can you hear me......Leader of squad 5 respond" still nothing. "Has he responded yet?" Dr Frost walked down to the commmunation floor. "No sir it appears he is dead" Linda the 'Top dog' of communations shok her head. "What about the rest of the squad?" "Atacked by Killers sir" Dr Frost sighed and held his head in his hands. 3 Squads lost to that dam pack of Killers. Plus Squad 5 was the best team they had AND the leader was his brother Leon. "Try again" Dr Frost orered Linda She noded and spoke into the mic. "Leader of squad 5 respond" "Hello?" A voice responded but it wasn't Leon's. Linda gasped "Leon is that you?" Dr Frost looked up and ran over to linda's side puting on a pair of head phones. "Who is Leon?" the voice responded again. "You are not leon?" "No" Linda and Frost looked at each other . "Who are you then? "Me" Linda'a eyes widened. just for that seconed the voice sounded small and scared. just as Frost was about to take the mic and yell at this jocker, she pushed him away and spoke again. "How old are you?" She heard sobing "I don't know" More sobing followed as the voice started to heve. Linda panicked. "Hey don't cry. What are you dooing down there?" "Idon't know." The sobing got louder "Look no need to cry calm down and tell me.." "I DON'T KNOW!!" Soon after static blasted Linda's Ears. "Ahhhh" Linda fell to the ground. People rushed to help Linda. Frost moved towards Linda. She as if she had seen a ghost. "Whats wrong Linda?" "That voice it..." She coved her mouth out of horror. "What whos vopice was that?" "It was a child. There is a child in the Bdlands."

The End

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