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You may be wondering who i am, people may call me the typical punk who disregards the rules, a low life scum-bag without a care in the world, a crude and disrespectful person. all those accusations are mostly true, my name is Combi tristan and i was once human. i used to have the same blood flowing through my veins like everyone else. now i am one among the dead. yes, a zombie or what ever you people like to call it.

the world went to hell a few years back on my eighteen birthday, huh some birthday present that was. i clearly remember the horror that happened that day, so much death and destruction. when you sit down and watch the world burn before your very eyes its quite a humbling and relaxing experience. now this fucking apocalypse shit hole of a world is up for grabs, a free for all. humans, zombies and the demons that crawled from the depths of hell fight for the world that once was. well for me i was one of the unlucky ones who turned into the walking dead but its not all bad. the humans misinterpret us as slow moving empty shells. sucks for them because i can shoot a shotgun as well as any human, my 'new life' has its benefits, i'm dead so i don't have to worry about hunger, sickness, dying and aging, pretty cool but the thing that scares me the most are the crazy fucking demons. just talking about them gives me the chills.

It was a tuesday morning , i think it was, you can't really tell because the black cloudy skies always rained ash. as usual i was smoking my twelve pack of cigs, dam i love those things, and chilling on the roof of one of the many ruined skyscrapers. when your dead you don't sleep and when theres a battle raging down below the streets it keeps you on edge. you get the occasional gunfire, explosions and demon screams but after many years of listening to that constant ruckus you get kinda use to it.

" i knew i will find you here combi, you look like shit ...."

"ha ha ha fucking funny, your not actually the best looking transgender are you "

the idiot who insulted me was hale, now named haley. yes hale once upon a time was a boy. he became a girl way before the world went to hell. hale isn't a bad person, a little bat shit crazy but if your trapped in an apocalypse world trust me you'll take any type of company you can get.

"Beautiful view isn't it, watching the world burning from this height makes for a romantic setting. its a pity that the humans get the bad end of the deal, there bodies just keep piling the streets of the city." hale causally sat next to me and dangled his feet from the edge of the roof. 

"don't tell me you feel sorry for them, there our enemies. we kill ,they kill the cycle continues they can't reasoned with." 

Hale brush aside his long black hair from his pale white face and gazed into the burning horizon" do remember what it was like to be human combi, to be warm again, to have blood flowing through your veins.."

i stared at my white cold hand" huh now that you mention it i never thought about my past life, it wasn't that great to began with....what was your life like hale?"

"ehm my name is haley ! why can't you get that through your thick empty skull of yours.....anyway " hale lifted his head in an arrogant manner. " i had a wonderful life ! full of parties, boys, girls and money. then when it happened my boyfriend died ...."

"you had a boyfriend!" 

" yes i had the most handsome boyfriend eva now don't interrupt me again ! okay, when it happened i lost everything and i died. i woke up as a zombie ....it's terrible just look at my hair, all damaged and limp. look at my skin it so pale ugh..." hale was a self obsessed drama queen, he looked like a pretty girl and he sure did act like one.

"we got more important things to worry about your stupid hair hale, just look at the world its a total shit storm and you have the nerve to complain about how you look. i always wondered, out of all people how you managed to survive..."

" hey i get around, i'm not useless if thats what your implying! you think your a hotshot with your shotgun well heres a news flash for you mister i can use a gun too!". 

"yeah yeah whatever pretty boy don't bust a gasket, you want a smoke?" i offered a cig to jhale but he refused.

"those things will kill you !"

"ha ha very funny... were already dead you idiot!" i shook my head in annoyance, hale was a piece of work. 

"combi can i ask you a question.........do you find me attractive?" 

'cough' the smoke went down the wrong pipe as i gasped for air." hale...im not a fag .....lets just continue being friends okay !"

"oh.......okay" i can tell by hale's sad and disappointed face that he expected a different answer. 

it was an awkward moment for me, what the hell was hale thinking! hale fucking HALE he is a guy for christ sake, i'll never fall for someone like that. he does look like a girl though....i shook the disturbing thoughts from my mind. my eyes went toward hale, he was still in a depressed state, nervously playing with his fingers. the wind flowed through his long silky hair and the warm light was cast on his pale face. i was stunned, i didn't realized how pretty hale's face really was.  shit what the fuck was happening to me, i felt my heart flutter in my utter confusion.....

my thoughts were shattered when the building shook from an explosion. "shit we got to get going now!" the building shook again but this time it was going to crumble. hale and i ran across the roof but we were intercepted by winged creatures. the circled us around us like pesky birds.

" it looks like we got two love birds he he" the demon who spoke licked his filthy lips, the others snickered, eager to kill their prey. 

" fuck you  "

i didn't have time to fool around the building come down at any second. i took aim and fired my shotgun at the demons. they swarmed us like angry bees all scratching and  tearing at our flesh. " help combi they got me " a demon snatched hale by the shirt and dragged him toward the sky. i couldn't get a clear without hitting hale they were going to take him away so made a run for it. 

"help combi" he was getting out of my reach as each step i took. the edge of the roof was coming to end, it was now or ever. with a leap of faith i jumped from the roof of the collapsing  building and grabbed onto hale's leg. the two us were dangling at least 100 feet in the air.

"don't let go combi" shouted hale.

" yea...i'll try not too.." 

the combined weight dragged the demon lower and lower to the battlefield in the streets. " get off zombie scum!" the demon swayed back and fourth trying to get me off, it was quite the scene anybody down below could see the crazy spectacle that was occurring the air. " i'm slipping ..i can't hold any longer" even for the strength for a zombie it was too much, my sweaty palms slid down hales leg, the strength from my arms were failing me. if things couldn't any worse, the collar of hale's shirt ripped from the demons talons. it was the kind of stuff you see in crazy action movies, the both us were free falling in the air gaining speed by every second. the ground was approaching rapidly, i pulled hale close to me and we crashed head first into the building down below. 

The End

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