Might be useful. I’ve noticed I talk in slang a lot, even in writing. So I thought, if you're going to follow me on this journey, you may as well know what I'm talking about.

Scout – initial zombie or group of zombies that come before a hoard
birds – pterodactyls (the flying ones)
asswipes – the criminals, cannibals and creepy bastards I mentioned earlier. I guess I don't really need to put them in here since it's not really slang, but it's here now, so you're welcome.
rex – guess (you can’t be that stupid. Even I know that dinosaur)
tricey – triceratops (the one with the horns)
mutts – the run of the mill ground dinos
necks – the ones with the long necks, I think they’re called brontosauruses Apatosaurus (Barney). I'm real imaginitive with names, aren't I? I'm like a pirate...
walker/s – I remember when I stayed with a convoy a couple days and they showed me a story that had zombies in it called walkers and it sort of stuck. But it’s basically a zombie or zombies that are isolated or just scattered, so they're easy to take out (it’s super common)
convoy – a group of survivors that stick together and move about (most of them do these days. It’s the smart thing to do)
camp – settled survivors. Normally heavily fortified.

The End

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