Soap and DinosaursMature

The first page (or at least first bit) of a story I came up with last year, and added to this year.
Yet again, more swearing, so I apologise if that isn't your cup of tea.

That was the title if you didn’t know. I'm knew to this 'writing' thing, so I didn't when I first started so I thought I'd give you a heads-up.

So, straight up, just gonna say that I live in a world with zombie dinosaurs, hence the title. But don’t ask me how, or why or who made the dinosaurs turn into zombies and walk the earth, but I’m guessing it was some nut job in a lab coat. It's always some nut job in a lab coat. Maybe he was in the shower playing with some dinosaur shaped soap and thought, what if dinosaurs were real? and said dinosaurs being zombies was just a side effect. At least, whenever I try and think of a reason why someone was stupid enough to try and make dinosaurs real, I think of that scenario, even though nut jobs in lab coats are supposed to be smart.

But here I am, living in a world with zombie dinosaurs.

Just gonna sum up how we live, 'we' being the people who haven't been eaten yet. We don’t have any electricity because all the bird dinosaurs (Barney calls them 'pterodactyls') tried to sit on the lines and the lines collapsed. They also tried to eat them (they’re not exactly smart), and that brought both the dinos and the lines down. The velociraptors (okay, all the big words that are getting thrown around are all from Barney, he's getting pissy cause I called the ptero-thingies birds) crushed all the cars and the triceratops rammed into buildings, successfully bringing them down and at the same time impaling a few people (which is surprisingly funny, especially when the people turn and they just flail around on the horns). The tyrannosaurus’s busied themselves with eating people (the triceratops just left them there (they’re vegetarian)). The other dinosaurs did as well, but concentrated on tearing down our world. But hey, who can blame them?

Sorry about all the brackets, she got excited when she learned about them so she's over-using them

If you survived being bitten, or if you escaped out of the dinosaur’s body, you’d turn into a zombie. That ‘killed’ a lot of people, though technically they’re ‘undead’ so…are they dead, or...?

Then there’s the assholes who want to ‘eliminate the competition’ and kill every person they come across. There’s always the cannibals, creepy bastards and criminals roaming about that’ll get you too.

Generally, everything’s trying to kill you. And that’s okay with me, ‘cause it’s simpler. I’m a lone wolf. I always have been, and always will be. And I sound like a dickhead right now, so it’s probably best if I stop writing.

I never was particularly bright.

Oh great, here comes a scout.

She's never been a 'lone wolf' as she put it. She just pisses everyone around her off too much for them to stay. Lucky for her, I have an incredible tolerance for annoying people. I used to work at a petrol station back in the day. Nearly blew-up too when the first wave hit.
- Barney again

The End

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