Bailey Miller: The New GirlMature

The first thing Bailey saw was the new girl. She whipped out her hand gun and pointed it at the girl.

"Did anyone check to see if she has been bitten?!" She growled. Bailey launched herself over to the girl, shaking her shoulder hard to make her wake up.

"Roll up your pants." Bailey checked every rip in the tight denim, found no teeth marks.

"Take your jacket off!" Bailey kept the gun aimed at the girl, who looked indignant and scared.

The girl did, revealing pale, thin shoulders that were smooth and flawless, but no bite marks. Bailey checked the girls scalp, stomach, back, looking for traces of blood and stench. But the girl was clean.

"Sorry about that, but we have to check and make sure you're a friend, not an undead."

The girl nodded. Bailey immediately disliked her because she was so pretty. But she had a gun.

"I understand. I'm clean though." The girl said. "And I'm Natalia Cox, by the way."


"Dean Fields."

"Bailey Miller. Great to meet you. I mean that."

"We should be going." Reece spoke. "We should have left at dawn because we're burnin' daylight people! Move!"

And no one needed any more suggestion than that.

"So where are we going?" Dean asked.

"North." Reece replied.

Bailey pulled out her Road map of the USA.

"We're going the wrong way." She said. "It's this way." Bailey pointed."

"So you sound like you're from the south, Bailey." Natalia said. "How bad was it down there?"

"Well I'm from Florida, around Orlando, and the virus hit worse in the south than anywhere. The constant heat and humidity made the virus travel so much faster. I was one of the very, very few survivors. I went all through Georgia and Alabama and every place was swarming with zombies. I just hope they go cannibalistic and all our problems will be solved." Bailey smirked.

"That would fix it." Dean smiled. "I wonder what the chances of that would be."

The End

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