Reece: Living - deadMature

Natalia falls asleep quickly these guys haven't had a good ammount of time with there eyes closed , it was good thing they where getting it now, these zombies seem to be evolving.  I think I could last another day, that doctor said the medicine should be able to keep me functioning non stop for a week and its been 4 days since then.  I was wide awake hours later hearing the living dead outside, I didn't think they where near the vault , but I could still hear the painful moans, and what was left of a human with no longer a soul just the instinct to eat.It brings me back to the first breakout, and my newly formed squad called headhunters.

My boots hit the street with a steady thudm the helicopter swings away and out of view, 10 cocky men stand beside me absolutely pumped on the oppertunity to fire some bullets, and spill blood. None of us understanding what exactly we are facing.  The streets are empty but with in seconds a crowd of people run with blood stains all over them. Our orders where simple kill all of them, no exceptions. We open fire and the wave slows but still comes. We all throw a grenade and the most of them die, above our head snipers are set up to follow to give us support. We walk into a four way stop, when things go way bad.  Behind us zombies literally appear from nowhere and bite down onto the soldier we shoot them quickly and pick the soldier up. He seems fine, and still at the time it was unconfirmed how this disease traveled.  We continue to go on until the soldier collapses we check his pulse then bang hes up , and biting the next guy. In a fury of bullets we kill them, and report.  The supereriors made a decision that no one comes out alive.

Unless we out with out as so much as a scratch they will pick us up.  Amazingly we get out alive but its not finished we meet a execution squad , at the pick up point after we had given our weapons up. We were at there mercy.  The men who had saved my life over a period of a week die one by one , and i'm made to look, I also knew these men had families, little girls , or boys and a wife that care for them.  They all died , and it was my turn next , I'm held securely to the ground as the man cocks his glock and points it at my head, I don't feel scared, I probably deserved this more than anything. Before he pulls the trigger survivors shoot the excutioners, and spit on them for being worse than them.  Things only get worse from there.

It was about morning by the time I pulled my head out of the past, and they still weren't awake, I think we should get moving though cause the day its easier to see a zombie than during the night. I begin to shake them awake.

" Come one its 8 in the morning."

The End

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