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It had been a long time since Natalia had been assaulted by a horde of zombies, but she was still running.  Eventually, she collapsed in an alleyway between a couple of two-story houses.  Despite herself, she struggled to hold back the gasping and wheezing, fearing that it might attract Zombies.

After catching her breath, she looked up at the starry night sky.  Crickets chirped all around her, reminding her that she was not alone.  Lucky things,  She thought, Don't see any deranged flesh-eaters grabbing for you guys, do you?

She emptied out her sack pack in front of her.  Out dropped a roll of duct tape, a combat knife, flashlight, a semiautomatic pistol complete (complete with several clips of ammo and a silencer), and a water bottle.  Natalia attatched the combat knife to her belt and slid the pistol into her pocket.  Then she put the duct tape and water bottle in her bag and stood up. 

Natalia picked up the flashlight and began searching for a place to sleep.  She couldn't go back to her house because it was already probably swarming with zombies, and her eyelids got heavier by the minute.

After about an hour of searching, she found a small bank with a door unlocked.  Sneakily, she crept into the lobby and locked the door behind her.  To her right, there were a couple of desks.

Curiously, she rummaged around for something useful.  What she found fit the quota perfectly. 

Soon after a minute of searching the desk, she came across a large automatic weapon with plenty of ammo laying beside it.  In her mind, she let out a small whop, and then got back to looking around the bank. 

Eventually, she stumbled down a hallway to find a large vault.  It was closed and wouldn't open, so she attempted miserably to do the old trick of 'pressing your ear to the vault and listening to see when it clicked'.  When she first put her ear against the cold metal surface, though, she heard strange noises on the other side. 

Natalia sat back for a few moments confused, and continued to listen.  It sounded like someone snoring!  Feeling very excited, she whispered quietly through one of the cracks in the vault door.  "Hey!"

She waited a moment, and soon a male voice came back through.  "Who's there?  What do you want?"

"I am Natalia Cox, and I doubt you know me."  She said, hoarsly.  "But i'm just a fellow resident of Silent Hill, hoping you could lend me a hand."

The door cracked open and the man she was looking at earlier today peeked his head out.  "Anybody else with you?"  He asked.

Natalia shook her head.

He sighed.  "Come in." 

She happily entered the vault and looked around at the two other sleeping figures.  "Good to see another live face around here."  She said, laying down.  Natalia rested her head on her sack pack and shut her eyes.

"Likewise."  He scoffed.

The End

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