Bailey Miller: VaultMature

Bailey really wished she had some vault right then. She needed some sugar and caffeine. But right then she sat on her butt in the abandoned bank with the two guys. One definitely looked like an ex-military guy, and she couldn't tell how old he looked.

The other guy she also couldn't tell how old he was, but he didn't really look military. Bailey knew she definitely didn't look like she was in the Army.

She closed her eyes everytime she heard a squelching, rotten fleshy sound against the thick bank glass. Bailey thanked some higher power continuously that there weren't many windows in the bank, only some easily lockable doors.

The military guy looked at her. "I'm Reece."

"Bailey." She didn't see the need for useless extra words.

"I'm Dean Fields." The other guy said.

"Well I'm glad we got that out of the way." Bailey said sarcastically. "What now?"

"I think we should stay in here until there are less zombies out there. Do we have food?"

"I have food." Bailey said. "I also have medical trianing and a heavily stocked first aid kit."

"Good." Reece nodded. "It's always good to know someone who knows medic stuff."

Silence stretched.

"I really want some Vault right now." Bailey blurted, desperate to break the silence.

Dean looked like he'd had a brilliant idea. "Most banks have a vault, correct?"

Bailey nodded.

"If we have to stay here overnight and rest, we could sleep in a vault."

"That would be good but I don't think you can lock a vault up from the inside." Reece said in a monotone.

"I don't know about that. There may be something we can do." Dean said thoughtfully.

Thank God. Oh thank you. A plan, and very capable and smart survivors. There may be hope! Bailey felt like jumping up and down with glee but that would be a dumb waste of energy and they needed to find the vault.

"Well why don't we find that vault now because you both look tired." Bailey said as she got up.

The two men followed quickly in the search for the vault. Eventually they found it.

The door had been left open just a crack, and the lock combination left taped to the outside with a note that said: If anybody finds this, use the vault for safety. Save yourselves.

Well if that isn't depressing then hell just froze over. Bailey thought as she ripped the note off the door and shoved it deep into her pockets.

Dean inspected the vault and told them there was a wheel on the inside that could close them in because it was an ancient vault that didn't have all that high tech security and electronics. Manual opening and closing. Perfect.

It wasn't airtight, so they wouldn't suffocate, but it was more than good enough to keep out the zombies.

When the door was closed and they were all inside, for the first time in three months Bailey felt safe. Guns, food, zombie-proof shelter, it was heaven.

Bailey settled down in a corner and dragged a blanket out from the bottom of her pack. She did have a sleeping bag rolled up and tied on top of the pack, but it was too much work untying, unrolling, re-rolling, and retying.

She put the blanket over her legs and rested her head against the wall, her eyes already closing when Reece's loud voice traveled out to her ears.

"We should have someone awake on watch. I'll take first shift."

"Okay." Bailey mumbled. Reece probably got the fact that she was beyond thinking at that point.

Sleep had finally come for her. Finally.

The End

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