David BrysonMature

"Excellent, excellent!" the scientist muttered, "maybe this will work, we can bring her back with a little-" one of the vials shattered in his hands, the gas slipped through the air, melding with the gas already filling up our noses.

The vents in the cell sucked the gas in. In a matter of seconds the girl got up and fixed her stare on the guard at the door. She charged at him so hard they smashed straight through. She ripped at his throat, killing him, then lunged onto another scientist.

I got out my gun, shooting her down with a shot to head, but the guard had gotten back up.

He went on a rampage moving so fast I could barely get a shot at him. Most of the scientsts were dead.

"COME HERE!" a scientist shouted. The thing fixed it's gaze on me. I followed the scientist to the lift. I slipped through the rapidly closing doors and heard a massive crash that made even me flinch. The lift was going up.

I felt strange.

The Scientist sat on the floor, writing into something with a picture of a son in the corner of a page.

"First rule of ethics Bryson," he looked at me, "don't play god," he sighed heavily as the lift stopped, "now I'll talk to my superior and we'll figure soemthing out."

"Why did you want me then?" I wondered.

"Protection," he muttered.

The lift door opened.

I winced at the memory to horrible to keep in my mind, to vivid to forget, forever haunting me.

I lifted the sheets off me and stood up, my bones aching. I stretched and it felt so good I almost forgot the danger. I moved to the mirror and the mess of clothes in front of it. I felt my dark skin, warm to the touch. My silver, blood-shot eyes and short black hair.

For memories sake I put on my guard uniform and picked up two handguns, slipping them into my holsters.

I placed a sash of ammo over my shoulder and in a bag on my waist, a few grenades attatched like a utitlity belt.

I opened the door to a mass of noise and movement.

There were more civilians accompanying the armed guard with a little trouble.

"Please tell me you checked the civilians first Higgins," he glowed red and nodded, "fully?" he nodded again, "well I'm getting someone else to check anyway," I patted his shoulder and went to leave.

"We have a situation!" he called before I could go. I turned around, "no real problems, just more civilians in..." he checked his notes, "...Silent Hill," I breathed deeply.

"Assemble a team of three of our best, I'm leading them," I commanded. Higgins nodded and ran to the largest shack.

Man this was going to  be tough, Silent Hill was a good few hours away. Could we survive a trip their and back?

Who cares, I thought.


The End

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