Picket's ChargeMature

Natalie arose from her scope and stopped firing.  She had only gotten nine kills in the last five minutes.  The violent boy was hogging all the zombies and apparently hadn't noticed her yet.  Oh well,  She thought idly, Can't win 'em all.

Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her shoulder and she was pulled backwards.  Oh crap!   She thought to herself.  I'm dead! 

Using all of her energy, she shoved the barrel of the SAW against the zombie's head and held down the trigger mercilessly.  A deafening blast threw the zombie across her yard, and blood and flesh flew everywhere.

Natalie picked herself up off the lawn and wiped some of the residue off her tanktop.  "Eww."  She mumbled.

She turned around to pick up her SAW and was greeted by the sight of about a dozen zombies surrounding her house.  Natalie felt her pupils dilate and her heart drop into her stomach. 

At that moment, she picked her SAW M242 off the ground and sprinted in the direction of the two boys, blowing apart every abomination that came into her sight. 

The End

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