Natalie had been polishing her 12 guage shotgun when she heard explosions outside.  At first, she just thought it was a fat zombie that had tripped over.  But then, she heard the faint cry of a 'get down'. 

She shot up from her seat and looked out the window of her house.  Outside there were two people who were fighting off dozens of zombies.  One of them was blowing away all the zombies in sight, and the other was stumbling around quite dumbfounded. 

Realizing that this may be her last shot at seeing another live person, she grabbed a SAW M242 from the closet and ran outside.  As soon as she stepped onto the aspalt driveway, Natalie saw that they were quite a bit away, probably three or four blocks. 

"Ugh...  Better just sit here and pick a few off."  She mumbled.

The midday sun shining down on her, Natalie attatched the scope to her saw and rested it onto her mailbox.

She smiled and cocked the gun.  "Now let the fun begin."

The End

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