Reece: hack and slashMature

I hear a shotgun blast behind us as more hordes gather up, my newly made allie who I don't even know his name seems a little worried about the hordes. My clip was half full I was guesing now taking more precise shots at the zombies head we begun to walk backwards. I kept shoulder checking making sure nothing was coming behind us. The Zombies began to run unnormally fast. My movements of aiming became fast but the horde was about to over take us.

" Get down!" I order.

" What!" I push him down and pun the grenade launcher on the assualt rifle.


A large amount of the zombies are killed or ripped in half.

He gets up, and we see in both our eyes that we legging it out of here, and hopefully coming across the survivor with the shotgun.As we run we both hear the sounds of a stampede of pissed off , hungry, cannabalist bastards.

" Do you have any more of those?"

" Nope." I say calmly. We turn right, and  upahead was only what I could desribe as I evolved zombie. It was tank with is oversized muscles , and beast with it sabre like teeth.

" Thats just...." It run litterally shakes the ground. 

We both run right a wall in front of us , we roll in seperate directions, the beast of a zombie slams through the wall leaving a hole. I get onto my knee and start pooring bullets into its thick skull. Why wasn't it rotting. The gun clicks , I take the long combat knife a run fowards to a jump from the building a girl  jumps up as my knife only goes halfway through the zombies neck. She blows it head off with the shotgun. The beast dies with all of our ammunition wasted inside of it.  I hit the ground and roll to my feet. Behind us was the onsluaght of the zombie stampede and from the building was another.

" Got ammo?" I ask , taking the combat knife out of the zombies neck , putting it back on the sheath that sit on my wrist, then I go for my two pistols.


The End

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