Harman BlytheMature

I step forward into the bedroom eyeing my surroundings suspiciously. Directly in front is a pair of glass doors leading onto a balcony, to my left - just a wall and to my right is the master bedroom complete with a zombie.

She was almost pitiful as she merely stood and groaned while I swung my blade and slashed it across her neck. I watched as her body just dropped back onto the bed, the blood from her neck spraying out.

I heard a scuffling sound, a moment before I felt the cold. A zombie grabbed my arm from behind, one of the glass doors had been open – concealing this quiet, tricky bastard, and I had let my guard down! I elbowed him back and forced myself clear, just enough to knock him back with the butt of my staff. Now that I've turned around, the zombie staggered forward once again, hands outstretched, blood lust in his eyes. I kick him in the chest, knocking him back into the wall.

Clenching tightly onto my hand-crafted blade staff, I stab it forward into the walking corpse's head, pinning him up against the wall. Those hateful, bloodshot eyes slowly clouding over and falling vacant. His arms swinging limply by his sides, while my weapon is still pinning his body up against the wall. I release him and let the spiteful creature drop, I have more important business to attend to.

First off, I clear the room properly this time, making sure that it is definitely zombie-free now. Secondly, I self-check my body, ensuring that the zombie did not pierce my skin anywhere. Thirdly, I breathe a sigh of relief over not being contaminated – I was scared for a minute there, while I wipe clean my arm and clear the blood off my blade staff.

After my brief scare, I step out onto the balcony and lay back on a chair. The slow, droning shuffling and groans blend together into an almost relaxing hum from the many monsters roaming below. Or it sounds almost like it from up on this third floor apartment.

… I so hope they don't know how to use stairs.

The End

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