Dean: How Many?Mature

The streets were flooded with the sound of shooting and moaning. But then my brain clicked. Shooting means theres survivors out there and i had to hurry. I grabbed a shotgun and an assault rifle, then jumped out of the window in the room i was in. Cocking the shotgun on the way down.

I landed onto a lone zombie, the straddler of the pack, the one that always gets left behind. That was lucky. I run down the street as fast as i could, whipping out the assault rifle i mowed down as many zombies as i could. When i got within close range i switched to my shotgun, shooting them as fast as i could. Seeing the survivor was still alive, i threw him some ammo for his assault rifle and within moments he started to help me out.

I started to use the shotgun as a melee weapon as there was too many and they were getting quite close. I run over t0 the side of the survivor and started shooting my assault rifle with him. I took a grenade out my pocket and threw it into the crowd of zombies.
Zombie guts flew everywhere but they were still coming, through the red mist of blood and gore. I was just spraying my assault rifle at anything that moves. It was silent for a second. When the mist faded out you could see yet more crowds of zombies charging in again. Will they ever stop? How many are there?

The End

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