Reece. Soultin : Are you dead yet?Mature

The beast grabs my shoulder, I turn so fast and crack the rotting skull of into the wall , crushing it like a egg.  The assualt rifle sliding into my hands a peppering the zombie down behind me, One comes around the corner and I kick its head off. I move as more gather into the room. I jump a thin tripline and as they follow.


The house collapses I run up the stairs , and jump onto a roof where, one of the survivors I found was getting bitten.

" Help!Please, AHHH!!!!" I raise my gun and heartlessly pull the trigger twice , one through the zombies head the other into my allies chest.  The world seems to quiet down as I keep the gun raised. He is still breathing.

" Don't!"  I press the rifle agianst his head and pull the trigger blood , and brains spatter across the roof. I have a certain set of rules, and one is, your bitten, I kill you.  If I get bitten I kill myself. It simple and easy.  Below I hear the groaning of the hungry zombies.  I put the rifle agianst the shoulder on my combat vest.  It had lieutenant bars on the the collar, and that was about it. I served in the army, and I hate to say it made me into a heartless killing machine.   I look down, I was surrounded and needed to get out immediatly.  Look over onto the street side more Zombies where showing up.

" Damm...."  I get knocked over , the ally I had just shot brainless refused to die. It reaches down to bite my shoulder, I press my hand on his forhead and press up. It didn't take too much strength to snap his head backwards. We roll off the roof. I hit the ground first ,and roll into an upwards posistion the rifle in hand shooting like mad.

" Are you bastards dead yet?" I ask the assualt rifle shooting fast enough to kill five in seconds its empties. Now what?

The End

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