Fliesha Andrews.Mature

Sweat and blood is all over me but times like these, this isn't the best time to man about that. I'm walking through the empty street, dressed all in black, my face covered.

I have a handgun in my pocket and a knife in my right boot and a sword straped on my back. They sun is going down and I know that even for me, it's not safe to be around after the last light. I quicken my pace, I never run unless it's an emergency.

I'm holding on tightly onto my gun, knowing that I might have touse it. I can hear them coming. I can hear the groaning, I can hear the squelching of their bloody clothes and parts of their bodies that drag along the ground.

They're getting closer. I make sure my face is fully covered before escaping into a nearby house. I search through it. No one here, that's good but also bad. I start to search again, not for the zombie creatures but for something that has been my mission ever since my family caught the disease.

Nothing is here! I want to scream out in irratation but I know that won't be a good idea. I can hear the zombies moving around outside and if I make any loud noises, they'll come after me again.

I slide down into a corner of the musty room. I pull out my handgun and re-load it. I only have two left in there from last night. I know I'm dangerously low on amo. Yes, I can used my knives and sword but they aren't much use if a whole load of them come in here attacking me.

The moon light streams in through the broken blinds and the dirty windows. I miss the feel of the nights wind in my hair, but I can't do that. They air is too dangerous and I kinda like my killing outfit.

I have to find those diaries of the people who were first around when the disease first occured. I will find out how to cure as many people as I can or at least stop the disease. Tomorrow is going to be a long, hard, day. I'll have to walk twice as much as I did today to see the villages records.

The End

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