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Meanwhile at the present - 3 months later... 98% of worlds population infected with virus, there are people out there, without the virus. They must be found...

I closed the book with a confused look on my face. They sound alot like zombies, could it possibly be a zombie outbreak?

I put the book away in my bag, then got my dads hunting rifle into my hands, i pushed my long obsidian black hair out of my face revealing my muddy brown eyes. I steadied my bulky arms so i can get a clear aim. I can see someone...

I see his face, he doesnt look very healthy, and hes got blood all over his face. His skin doesnt seem to be rotting or anything. I thought zombies skin rotted? It doesnt matter, i pulled the trigger letting lose a loud banging noise. I saw the corpse fall over in the scope. First time ive shot something human(ish) in the head and watched the blood splurt out. It amused me.

I carried on walking down the muddy pathways towards a little town called Silent Hill. To be honest the name really makes me not want to be there right now. But if i dont go then ill have nowhere to go and that wont be good at all. As i got there, it was a deserted place. Empty houses and department stores. There was a supermarket which seemed to be fully stocked up with food that, hopefully, are not out of date. There was also a gun store down the road, i made my way over to it.

As i got in i took all the weapons i could fit into my arms, and put them into my backpack. I was scavenging for: weapons, foods and other things that could ensure my survival. As i got my bag full of all the pistols, rifles and shotguns i could fit in it, i made my way over to one of the houses.

I made my way in, the door making a very eerie creeking noise as i made my way into it. I went down the hallway, and checked each and every room. The house seemed to be clear. I let out a sigh of relief and go to one of the bedrooms and dumped all of the weapons along the floor. Then i carefully sorted them into orders. Rilfes with rifles etc.

Shortly afterwards i went into the supermarket and stuffed my bag with all the provisions i could get my hands on. As soon as my bag was full the sun was starting to set. They would be coming out soon i had to hurry up. I hurried back to the house and then put all the food into the fridge and freezer and got ready for my first day of defence against the zombie outbreak...

The End

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