Chapter Twenty-TwoMature

“What I don’t understand is how somebody
could have made so many of them, when most buildings and factories have been
destroyed, along with the equipment and materials needed for anything to be

“And how did they end up in the same
place as the zombies?”

I added.

The rest of the day was spent
researching. We didn’t unearth any essential evidence though. Steve helped us
with our research for a while, but he wasn’t much help. Rick was apparently
working with some of the dogs, training them and that sort of thing. He wasn’t
seen for the rest of the day. Devin seemed cold towards Steve, though they were
normally good friends. Devin doesn’t like mean behaviour. Sure, he can be very
tough and authoritarian, but he hates when people are downright mean for no
apparent reason.

“Go see the dogs, why don’t you,

Devin said.

I knew that was code for “Go make
sure that Steve hasn’t locked Rick into a kennel and forgot to let him out.”

“Uh…maybe later.”

I mumbled, but when Devin tells you
to do something, he doesn’t change his mind.

“No Tara, you’ll go now.”

Devin told me persistently.

“Okay, okay!”

The End

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