Chapter NineteenMature

Then, one zombie stood up very

It didn’t take any notice of Devin
and I. It just made its way to the table very slowly and began wrapping bits of
cloth around its bleeding wounds, like tourniquets, to stop the flow of blood.


“What Tara?”

“Look over at the table, see what
they’re doing!”

“No stitches?”

Devin sounded disappointed. He likes
horrific creatures to be true to their descriptions in books, movies and
video-games. He hates it when they veer away from their stereotypes.

“Nope, just bandages. Not even
bandages really, just strips of cloth. Tourniquets.”

I told him, glad to be the one that
knew something, instead of the one who went along with everybody else, like a

“Oh. But it’s always stitches.”

Devin sighed.

“Come on, it’s not taking any notice
of us, let’s search for sandy again, these beetles are annoying the hell out of

I wanted to find Sandy and get out.

We searched the room. More zombies
were starting to wake, these ones taking more notice. Finally, one stood up and
walked slowly over to us.

“Quick Tara, shoot it!”

Devin called, still searching for
Sandy a few meters away.

But as I raised the gun to shoot the
creature, I saw that its transformation was not complete.

Its eyes were emerald green.

Sandy’s eyes.

“Devin! I think I found Sandy!”

My voice had once again revealed my
fear. Oh, how I hated it when that happened.


Devin asked, looking around.

“This is Sandy!”

I screamed at him.

“What’ll we do?”

I asked him, my voice gone
high-pitched with fear.

“I don’t know! If we don’t shoot her,
she’ll most likely kill us, if we shoot her, we’ve shot our friend!”

Devin was frantically trying to make
a decision.

The zombie that had once been Sandy
suddenly lurched forward, trying to sink her needle-like teeth into my neck,
almost like a vampire.

I heard a gunshot.

The zombie of Sandy fell to the floor.

“I guess that decides that.”

Devin said quietly.

“Did you shoot her?”

I asked. The attempted attack had
passed in a minute-long blur.

“No, you did. Nice technique, by the
way. I didn’t think you could shoot from that angle.”

Devin said.

“I didn’t think so either.”

I replied, still staring at zombie
lying on the floor, bleeding out glowing green blood.

“You didn’t kill Sandy. She was
already gone. They can’t think once they get to that point, it’s just instinct
telling them to kill anything vaguely human except each other.”

Devin told me quietly.

We stared at the zombie of Sandy in
silence for a few seconds.

“Maybe we should search somewhere
else? We need to find out what has caused this destruction, what has caused the
zombies and what the mechanical beetles are, who built them and that.”

Devin said, still staring at the
corpses and zombies.

“And we need to find out how to
destroy them and reverse the damage.”

I realised that I was beginning to
sound clever. I liked that.

“And we need to see if anyone else is
alive, anyone who hasn’t been zombified.”

Devin added.

“Will you please quit saying


Devin picked up one of the beetles.

“We might need this for research. We
could see if the Research Centre is still standing.”

I liked that idea, so we left the
hotel-building, sad that Sandy wasn’t with us.

“Maybe some of the others are at the
Research Centre? Clara or Steve or any of them might be there.”

I said.

The End

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