Chapter EighteenMature


Corpses, in various stages of
transformation, their eyes becoming electric blue, their skin beginning to thin
and bruise up, lay everywhere, piled high on the carpet, dying its pale, clean
beige to rust-brown-red and various other shades.

“Freakin’ hell!”

I said quietly. If there were any
live zombies, we didn’t want to make them aware that we had entered what looked
like their territory.

“Should we see if Sandy’s here?”

I asked, half –hoping that he’d say
we should just get out of there.

“Yeah, I suppose we should.”

Devin didn’t seem too happy about his
own answer either.

We walked through heaps of corpses,
some of them beginning to twitch and wail, some just newly-killed.


I called out, wishing that my voice
wouldn’t reveal how scared I was.

“Ssshh! Do you want to be attacked
and zombified or something?”

Devin hissed.

“Zombified? Devin, we all know that
you’re not as literarily-inclined as me, but still,zombified?”

I whispered, stifling a nervous laugh
at Devin’s new piece of made-up vocabulary.

“Yes, well what would you call it?”

He retorted.

“Now come on, we have to find Sandy!”


Corpses were starting to move more.
The place was crawling with those mysterious mechanical beetles.

I noticed for the first time, that
there were strips of material laid out on the table of the conference room,
strips torn from curtains, table-cloths and furniture, lots of them.

“What do you think they’re using them

I asked, though I was more ‘thinking
out loud’ than asking a genuine question.


Devin didn’t seem that concerned. He
just wanted to find Sandy and get out of there.

“Maybe she’s not in here?”

I said hopefully.

“Yeah and maybe she is, seriously
you’re the one who was so desperate to find her, but now that we’re here I’m
the only one who’s searching! Forget about the damn cloths and just search!”

Devin was back in authoritarian mode.

“Okay, okay!”

I sighed. What was the point in

The End

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