Chapter SeventeenMature


“We can’t shoot them all. Look, we’re
gonna have to make a run for it. Just destroy anything that gets in your way. I
know that’s easier said than done, but try your best.”

Try your best that
was a weird thing to hear from Devin. His normal belief was to push yourself to
your absolute limit. You don’t stop at ‘your best.’ He was always saying how
humans don’t have a ‘best’, that if they really want to, they can go on like
machines, driven on faster and faster until they reach the ultimate peak of
their ability, and the only way from that peak was downhill. But hearing him
say “try your best”, that was almost scary. I decided that I would use his
usual logic and drive myself on like a machine.

We ran down the hallway, towards the
zombies, shoving past them. It was like the mosh-pit of a particularly scary


“What Tara?”

“You know all those times I said how
I wished that I could be a character in a Resident Evil game?”


“Well I take every single word of
that back.”


We were awfully blood-stained, cut
and dishevelled by the time we were past the zombies.

“Why did I ever think I wanted this

Devin sounded as if he was going to
attempt suicide sometime soon.

“Come on – let’s find Sandy! You

I pestered him. Never underestimate

“This is why I hate promising people
stuff. They always remember that I’ve promised them something.”

“Shuddup and let’s go find Sandy!”


“Where is she?”

Devin asked, mainly to himself.

“If I knew, would I be standing here?”

“Watch it, Tara; I’m supposed to be
the sarcastic, authoritarian one around here, not you.”

I honestly don’t even think he was
joking there.

We ran through halls, looking into
various rooms. Sandy wasn’t in any of them, and I was starting to despair.

“What if the zombies have got her?”

I wanted to give in and die.

“It’ll be all my fault etc., will you
just shut up and search! Save the blame-game for later!”

Devin snarled.

I opened the door of the conference

“What the hell…?”

Another great unfinished sentence
from Devin.

The End

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