Chapter SixteenMature

What was going to happen to
Sandy?  I felt so disloyal. She’s been so
nice to me ever since I was put in her and Devin’s unit of the department. We’d
been best friends. And now I’d as good as let her wander off by herself to face
the zombies. We’d practically signed her death warrant.

Devin had gone silent again as we
left the room and walked down the hallway to the next room.

“Look Tara, we’ll investigate here
and then we’ll go and find Sandy.”

Devin suggested.

“Okay. Promise we’ll go find her?”

I asked, sounding childish.

“I promise!”

He promised, giving a short, hard
manic laugh, a pathetic attempt to hide his misery. He was thinking of Claire.
I didn’t like to say it, but I think Claire, like most of the humans in this
dying, torn down world, was dead.

We got to the room next door. Devin
grabbed the door, pulling it open. It didn’t open easily, but when it did,
something terrible happened.

The door flew open and we were met
with a tidal wave of glowing green-white and vivid scarlet. I screamed, not a
good idea as my mouth filled up with blood. The wave of blood washed over me,
consuming me.

At last the flow of blood stopped.
The room had been a tank of blood.

“I think the zombies must have used
this room to store the blood. Maybe they’re like vampires and they drink it or


I interrupted.

“ – they could be using it as poison
or –“


I yelled at him.

He stopped.

We both stood in the middle of the
hallway, outside of the room, blood-stained and terrified as zombies approached
from either end of the hall.

“We’re dead, completely and utterly

I groaned.

“Shut up and shoot a few of the
little motherfuckers!”

Devin demanded.

We couldn’t destroy them by shooting
them, but it would buy us some time. They moved very slowly. The problem was we
were going to run out of bullets.

The End

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