Chapter FifteenMature


I stepped on one beetle as we left
the room. But instead of a squished bug in a smeared little puddle of blood and
crushed innards, the beetle just dented.

“Check this out!”

I called to Sandy and Devin.

I stomped on the beetle a few more
times. It split open, crushed, but little, tiny mechanical pieces rolled across
the floor.

“They’re like…robot bugs.”

Sandy spoke what we were all

“I hate today.”

Devin said to nobody in particular.

“I know, why don’t you get out the
freakin’ I-phone and get some pictures of them? Then we’ll find a nice zombie
to autograph it for you! Maybe even the engineer-zombie who built the little

Sandy was becoming sarcastic,
irritated sounding.

“Y’know what Sandy? Just shut up!
Shut up for just ten minutes! Ten goddamn minutes! Because nobody made stupid
comments at you when you were lying, shell-shocked on the floor, wasting
precious time because you were scared of these stupid fucking zombies that
we’ve already seen before! So shut up Sandy, and leave me alone! Claire is
somewhere in the midst of this destroyed city, maybe even dead –“

He winced as he said that last bit,

“ – and all you can do is mock me
because I want to solve this and find her!”

I honestly thought that he was going
to hit her. You don’t mess with guys like Devin, muscular and about six-two in
height. You just don’t mess with them. Ever.

“Well if I’m so problematic maybe
I’ll just leave!”

Sandy yelled at him.

“I hope to God you die! I hope the
zombies rip you apart and you rot in hell!”

Devin shouted at her.

She ran off.

“Sandy! Come back!”

I called desperately.

“No. I know when I’m not wanted!”

She said angrily, running from the

“Let her go, Tara. She couldn’t
survive ten minutes without us; she’ll come crawling back in a few minutes.”

Devin told me.

“Now come on, we need to check out
the room next door, where all the blood is dripping in here.”

I didn’t disobey, but I felt like a
twelve-year-old kid whose parents were splitting up and trying to make her pick

I sighed and followed Devin.

The End

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