Chapter ThirteenMature

“Tara? Devin?”

Sandy called out weakly.

We were both standing near her in an

“Sandy! Are you okay?”

“Stupid question!”

She replied with a weak smile.

Devin and I helped her up.

“Why were you so freaked out about
that zombie? We’ve seen a few by now!”

I asked her.

“Tara! Leave her alone!”

Devin said sharply.


I mumbled, feeling like a disobedient

“Leave her alone Devin, she just
wanted an answer. Tara, I was scared because it suddenly felt like nothing was
real anymore, like I was trapped in some sort of freaky bonus-level on a game.
It felt like everything real had suddenly just disappeared and it was all just
a twisted, alternative-reality. Get me?”

Sandy explained. I nodded. I

“Do you think you’re okay to go with
me and Tara to investigate the rest of the hotel? Or will we leave you
somewhere safe?

Devin asked her quietly. I didn’t
think that a safe place existed anymore.

“You’re not getting rid of me that

Sandy laughed, ever so slightly
hysterical-sounding. She was gradually becoming herself again.

“Okay, if that’s what you want.”

Devin said to her casually.

“Wow Devin, I swear you just
considered my feelings! You going all sensitive on us?”

Sandy smirked. Yup, our friend was

Devin (technology nerd) took another
couple of pictures of the dead zombie on his I-phone (now down to about three
quarters of a battery) and we headed back down to the first floor.

“We’ll come back here to investigate
the zombie-corpse-girl thingy in a while.”

Devin said, taking out his
switchblade and carving three x’s onto the wood of the door.

“You realise that you could have just
memorised the room-number?”

I asked, smiling slightly.

“Yeah, but it’s not often that the
switch gets some use, and if you react like Sandy at the sight of a zombie,
there’s not much hope that you’ll remember a room number!”

Devin retorted. Sandy put on a look
of mock-offence.

“Sir, yes sir.”

She muttered, two quiet for him to
hear. She makes a lot of jokes about how authoritarian he gets at times.

The End

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