Chapter ElevenMature

“Get in here!”

I yelled, though Sandy and Devin
weren’t far away.

“Gawwdd. Holy gawwd.”

Was what Sandy said.

“What the f-“

Devin’s words were cut off by a sudden
wailing from the corpse as her eyes flew open, she began twitching in violent
movements and her lips, surrounded by smudged glittery pink lipstick, parted,
emitting the terrible wailing.

Devin, Sandy and I stared at the
wailing, twitching corpse. Her eyes were changing from soft, china blue to the
harsh, electric-blue of the creature dubbed ‘the basement-zombie’ as her
eyelids receded towards the eye-sockets, which were slowly darkening to the
blue-black of a bruise, two rotting black hollows in her skull, which was
becoming sharply defined as her skin thinned, becoming papery.

“Shoot it!”

Sandy screamed. She’s not normally
one to panic, but I think this was a bit too much for her. She had gone a
sickly grey-white and looked on the verge of fainting or throwing up or both
(if that’s possible).

I shot it. I wasn’t going to let
Devin see all the action.

Sandy, practically hyperventilating,
fell against the wall and gently slid to the tiled floor, as Devin and I
watched a pool of different coloured bloods flow onto the tiles, staining them
vivid colours that would have been beautiful in any other situation.

The End

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