Chapter TenMature

The room was completely and utterly trashed. The curtain pole was snapped in two, the long silky pearl-grey curtains had strips torn from them. The bedclothes were also ripped up, the wooden bedframe would have only done as firewood, splintered and cracking. The beige carpet, which used to be thick and soft, was now all scrubby and stained with blood and what looked like vomit. One pane of the window was shattered. “I’ll bet you any money that the zombies were here.” Devin told Sandy and me. “Looks like it.” Sandy agreed. We examined the blood. It was the normal scab-colour of dried human blood, but there was such a lot of it. “Whoever was injured here must’ve bled themselves dry!” I exclaimed. Sandy nodded in agreement. “Do you think it’s human blood?” I asked Devin and Sandy. “Yes, it’s not like that weird, neon-coloured, glow-in-the-dark looking blood that we saw in the shop basement and on the streets. It’s more like plain, normal blood.” Sandy explained. “Yeah, now let’s get out of here and check the other rooms!” Devin said, looking ever so slightly freaked out. “Wait, one sec.” I muttered, opening the door of the en suite. We might have missed some evidence. I was right. The sink was full to the brim.

 Full of glowing green blood.

 And on the white and turquoise tiled floor, a crumpled, broken-looking, bleeding corpse was tangled in the net curtains, that had been ripped from the en suite’s frosted windows.

The End

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