Chapter NineMature

“How is that even possible?”

Sandy asked.

“I don’t know, but maybe we should
check it out?”

Devin cautiously walked towards the
perfect building, Sandy and I following him like two terrier-dogs chasing their
owner, eager to help. I was suddenly reminded of my days as an amateur, when,
if Devin, who’d been ‘in charge’ of me, had told me to jump off a bridge I’d
have done it.

As soon as I stepped inside the
building, I recognised it at once as a hotel, though I wasn’t sure which one.
Pieces of the furniture and curtains had been torn away, making the lobby look
as if it had been ripped around the edges.

“This place got trashed!”

Sandy remarked.

“Come on, let’s search upstairs.
Maybe the zombies are up there.”

Devin was already heading for the
elevator before he even finished that sentence. He was obviously desperate to
find a way to kill the zombies so that he could find Claire. If she was still
alive, that is.

Sandy and I followed him into the
lift, surprised it had survived what looked like an apocalypse, along with the

We reached the second floor within a
few minutes. The first room was locked, but Devin ran at it, throwing himself
against it so that it flew open. I swear, he is the strongest person I know.
But then again, I only just managed to pass the physical-strength examination
that was part of getting a job in the department. The mental-ability test was
my redeeming result, but enough about that.

The End

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