Chapter EightMature

That night was one fraught with
unspoken fear, vibes of tension, and anxiety among a million other things. I
was plagued by the nightmares that hadn’t troubled me since my childhood. They
had returned though, and were worse than ever before, distorting every
unconscious thought into a warped version of the terrible zombies that I had
seen that day.

When the morning came, it was a
relief. As Sandy, Devin and I left the house, we could hear deafening crashes
in the distance.

“I’ve just thought of something.”

Devin suddenly said, narrow hazel
eyes even narrower in concentration.


Sandy asked.

“Well, if this was an actual
apocalypse, everything would have been just wiped out, one and done. But this
is weird, some people are dead, some are zombies and there’s still daylight and
buildings falling down. Daylight is unusual because most people thought that
the sun would burn out and we’d die of the cold. And if something crashed into
the planet and everything was destroyed, all the building would be down

Devin shared that information with us
whilst looking as if he had no idea why he was saying it. He keeps a lot to
himself, Devin. Sandy and I sometimes joke that if he randomly tells you
something or draws something to your attention out of impulse then he must
either really like you or knows you very well. He notices a lot of things that
most people don’t.

“You’re right. It doesn’t make sense.
None of this makes sense.”

Sandy told him. I agreed as well, but
I didn’t need to say so. When two out of the three of us agree on something,
it’s almost an unspoken rule that the other one just goes with the flow. Seeing
as I’m the youngest, I was the one doing most of the flowing. I’m twenty-four,
Devin’s thirty and Sandy is twenty-eight.

The three of us tried to figure out
what was going on, as we heard buildings fall in the distance.

“What do you think Tara?”

Devin asked.

I was slightly shocked to hear that
(1) Devin was asking somebody else’s opinion and (2) it was MY opinion he

“I think that we need to investigate
this further. Then we need to figure out how to kill those zombies. We don’t
have enough bullets to shoot them all individually and then strangle them. It
just isn’t possible!”

I put my opinion across, hoping that
it wasn’t going to be shot down (pun intended).

Luckily Devin agreed. Sandy, though
she probably would have agreed anyway, had to go along with whatever was said.

As we approached what had once been
the magnificent city centre, we saw a perfect, undamaged building among the
rubble and smashed remains of almost all the other buildings that had once
surrounded it.

The End

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