Chapter SevenMature

We discovered that the house was
quite big, large spacious rooms and fine furniture. A lot of the furnishings
were coated in a thin film of dust. More dust was running down the walls.

We located the bedrooms, but instead
of sleeping in separate rooms, we ripped the sheets and blankets from the beds
and took them downstairs to the large living-room.

“That way if we suddenly find
ourselves surrounded by zombies or whatever, we can make a quick escape.”

Sandy said, smiling slightly when she
realized how bizarre that sounded.

“Good idea.”

Devin agreed.

We discovered that there was some
food and a water-tap in the kitchen. Most of the food was going a bit stale,
but we were all very hungry, so the fact that we had to scrape blue-green mould-spots
off of the bread didn’t bother us too much.

Devin was still worrying about
Claire. He didn’t say anything but Sandy and I could easily see how tense he
was, and we’re not the most sensitive of people, so that’ll tell you.

The End

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