Chapter SixMature



We clambered out of the basement and
into the shop, before walking out into the damaged streets.

“Zombie apocalypse. Well I never
thought I’d see the day!”

Sandy kept saying.

With the distraction of zombies gone,
Devin had become silent again. Sandy and I both knew that he was extremely
worried about Claire. She was only five; anything could happen to her, if she
was still alive.

“You okay?”

I heard Sandy whisper to him.


He replied, though he knew that she
knew that he was not okay at all.

We walked on in silence,
investigating buildings. The puddles of blood on the dented pavements varied in
colours now, like in the shop basement, though most of it was crimson.

“I think we should probably find
somewhere to sleep for the night, it’s getting dark and if we get lost here
then we’re zombie food.”

Devin suggested.

It was the first proper few sentences
he’d spoke since the incident in the basement, so Sandy and I were glad to
agree with him.

We wandered on through the city until
we found a house on the outskirts of the city that was, miraculously, only
slightly damaged. The garden was wrecked but everything else seemed to be okay.

We picked our way through the garden,
which was a ruptured, crevassed mess of soil and rocks and earth, trees ripped
from the ground spearing the land.

The front door was hanging on hinges,
so locks weren’t an issue.

“Let’s check the place out.”

I said as we stepped inside.

The End

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