Chapter FiveMature

Sandy closed her hands around one
creature’s neck, so that it choked and died. Devin did the same to another.

“Great, leave me the weird-looking

I muttered, half to myself, as I
strangled the creature.

We were standing in a puddle of three
kinds of bloods. Glowing white-green, like that glow-in-the-dark paint you see
in those sets with the paint and the plastic dragons or whatever, normal
deep-crimson-black like a ruby and neon-green, poisonous looking.


Devin said in a matter-of-fact tone
of voice.


“Zombies, you know, stitches, blood and
all that?”

Devin said, in the same know-it-all

“Horror nerd.”

Sandy and I said in unison.

But Devin appeared to be right. They
looked zombie-ish. Who bled green and glow-in-the-dark coloured blood, for
God’s sake?!

“No stitches.”

I smirked, checking the necks of the
three creatures.

Devin stared at them for a long time,
examining them. At last he came to a conclusion.

“The more normal looking two were
obviously attacked by this one and turned into zombies. And Tara, no stitches
doesn’t mean that they’re not zombies.”

Devin explained.

“Yeah Tara, what if this guy’s sewing
skills just weren’t up to scratch?”

Teased Sandy. I was amazed at how she
could still act the fool when we’d just shot and strangled three zombies.

“So the zombie apocalypse is real.”

Devin said, thinking out loud.

“Yup. Now can we please get out of
this death-trap?”

I agreed about the apocalypse thing,
but right at that moment all I wanted to do was get out of the shop basement
before anymore nasty surprises unveiled themselves.

“Yeah, okay, let me just get a
picture and…”

One of Devin’s great unfinished
sentences. He just sort of trails off mid-phrase.

“You have your camera?”

I asked, rolling my eyes. Devin loves
technology. Trust him to have a camera in the middle of an apocalypse!

“No. but I’ve got my I-phone. And my
I-pod. And the charging cable.”

He replied, taking photos of the

“These will be useful. One day people
will thank me for this.”

He added.

“Yeah, sure. Why do you have a charging

Sandy asked.

“Yes, where do you plan on charging it?”

I laughed.

Devin just ignored us.

The End

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