Chapter FourMature

Seeing as there was nobody in the
shop, we climbed down to the basement. We immediately saw the source of the

Three creatures.

Three unnaturally freakish creatures.

Two of them were like horror-ized
normal people. A man and a woman who were now skeletally thin, bits of their
bones showing where skin and clothing had been torn away. The man was missing
one eye, the socket black and bleeding, edged with a rim of pearly blue-white
bone, surrounded by three deep wounds. One of the woman’s eyes was hanging out
of its socket by threadlike blue-red veins. The other eye was bloodshot and her
face was scarred. Clumps of their hair had been pulled out, revealing their
scalps, which were covered in weeping scabs. Blood dripped from their pale,
withering lips.

The other creature was different. Its
gaunt face, jabbed by its cheekbones, was painted with blood like war-paint, the
skin ripped off in parts. Its hair was white-blonde, but only on one side. The
other side was covered in scars, bruises and stuck all over in needles, like a
supernatural pin-cushion. It had long, metal-looking claws and bony hands
covered in black and white tattoos up to its elbows like a pair of gloves.
Above the elbow it’s pale, papery skin was coated in bruises, black, blue,
purple, lilac, yellow-brown, blossoming like disgusting flowers.

Then it spotted us.

The creature stared with lidless
electric-blue eyes rimmed with red and neon-purple. It opened its mouth,
spitting out blood and revealing teeth like poisonous needles, each tipped with
a speck of glowing green, and let out a plaintive cry.

“We have to kill them.”

Devin whispered.

The creatures could only move slowly,
so we shot them easily. That didn’t take from the fear we felt however.

As soon as they dropped onto the
floor, we ran over. They weren’t completely dead though.

The End

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