Chapter ThreeMature

I felt sorry for him. Me and my
family hadn’t exactly been at peace with each other the last time I’d seen
them, when I was sixteen. Eight years had passed since then, and my concern for
young Claire was greater than my concern for my ‘family.’ I’d forgotten what it
was like to care about anything except my job. My job working with the
Department Of Investigation And Extermination Of Paranormal And Supernatural
Activity. Hold the ‘Ghost-Busters’ jokes, it’s a seriously dangerous job. But
hey, it’s cooler than being an accountant.

We don’t see a whole lot of action.
Mostly it’s just those head cases who think that they’re seeing angels and need
us to ‘get rid of them’ that we deal with. But this was a serious apocalypse and
we needed to investigate. Devin couldn’t fall apart now; there was only the
three of us.

“Come on guys, we need to see what
caused all this.”

It was Devin. Thank god, he was back
to normal. There was still a slight shake in his voice, but at least he couldactlike there was nothing wrong.

We walked through the destroyed
streets cautiously, guns at the ready, trying to see past hazes of dust and

There was another sort of strangled
moaning coming from a severely damaged, caving-in shop.

We climbed in through the smashed
front window (“Doors – too conformist” I’d heard Devin mutter sarcastically to
Sandy – she avoids acting ‘normal’ at every chance she gets) probably getting
cut more than was necessary and entered the shop.

It was horrible, the shelves broken
down so that smashed cans and bottles had spilt their contents onto the wooden
floor, which was ruptured to that there were gaping holes leading straight into
the basement below.

The End

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